Biggest Ad Airplane

Aerial advertising is a marketing tool that uses basically any type of aircraft plus the banners or billboards of companies or individuals advertising at certain times. 
This can also be in the form of blimps where the logo of the company is displayed as it floats on air; or in the form of skywriting where specific messages are displayed as the plane “writes” these through smoke expelled by the plane.
Biggest Ad Airplane
If you are thinking about using this form of advertising and you wish to have your banner or billboard pulled by an airplane as it flies through the skies; there are several aerial advertising companies that you can readily find on the internet.
They may offer the full suite where design of your banner, printing and towing are included; or you may also opt to simply hire aerial towing services wherein you will only be hiring the aircraft and paying for specific flying times.
When it comes to banner sizes, these may differ depending on the advertising company that you have picked out. Basically, the smallest recommended size for an aerial billboard is 18 feet high by 70 feet long.
This is roughly around 216 inches in height and 840 inches in length. This is just the right size for your banner or billboard to be clearly read as it is displayed on the skies.
As for the biggest ad airplane-towed, you can find aerial advertising companies that can accommodate banners and billboard of up to 50 feet wide and 120 feet long. 
These measurements are approximately 600 inches wide by 1440 inches long. 
Why Opt for an Aerial Ad?
Basically, an airplane ad is a lot cheaper than other conventional advertising methods such as in the print, radio and TV media. You also get to reach a wide audience despite the affordable cost.
Moreover, aerial advertising gives off a certain kind of excitement to people watching the plane as it flies over them bearing your banner or billboard. This exciting and novel approach helps boost recall for your products or services. 
It is estimated that people will have a good look at your advertisement for a good seventeen seconds and as the plane flies over and over the skies, your audience will get more than just seventeen seconds to view your advertisement.
This is a good enough time for easy recall of your company, products or services. Finally, surveys show that there is a higher percentage of audience response to this form of advertising as compared to other advertising campaigns. 

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