How ig is a 2 Carat Ring


Getting a 2-carat ring is no laughing matter. This can be a pretty expensive purchase particularly if you are looking at buying a 2-carat diamond ring. It is therefore of utmost importance that you carefully check the ring first before paying for it.
Before you delve deeper into your scrutiny of your gemstone, checking for its quality and cut; it is wise to know the approximate size of a 2-carat stone.
How Big is a 2 Carat Ring?
A 2-carat gemstone, in particular a round diamond stone, should be about 8.2 millimeters in width. Now, depending on the cut; this could get just a tiny bit lower or higher. 
This size is about the same as that of a pea. 
If you are looking at getting an Emerald Cut diamond, 2 carats of this would be about 8.5 by 6.5 millimeters; a Princess Cut would approximately be 7.5 by 7.5 millimeters while an Oval Cut would be about 9.5 by 7.5 millimeters.
There are several other diamond cuts that you can choose from and 2 carats of each of these will also vary but not too far off from the average round diamond size in width. 
A Diamond’s Four C’s 
Now that you have a basic idea of the size of a 2-carat gemstone, in this case a diamond stone; you need to consider the four most important factors when choosing an excellent diamond stone.
These four factors are what are commonly called as the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat. You have already taken cared of the carat and cut aspects of it so now you can focus on the other 2 factors.
First, there’s the diamond’s color. Diamonds come in a variety of colors and not just in what was originally thought of as clear white. Blue diamonds are one of the rarest colors and come with a pretty steep price tag.
There is also the rare blue-white which is likewise a very popular choice. The blue-white is basically the strong blue fluorescence that the diamonds have. These rare blue-white diamonds commonly refer to Exceptional White D, E and F.
Other diamond colors are red, pink, purple and green. 
As for the matter of clarity, this characteristic looks at the brilliance of the diamond. Basically, there are flaws found in diamond stones which they incur from the process of cutting and the more flaws a diamond has, the lower is its clarity.
The lowest form when it comes to clarity is a diamond where the flaws are highly visible and can be seen by the naked eye. Others that have better clarity have flaws that can only be seen through a special instrument. 

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