Biggest States by Size

When measuring the biggest states by size, two methods are employed: by area and population. Measured by population, the biggest would be California with 37,691,912 (as of July 2011). If measured by territory, the largest would be Alaska. Its total area is 663,267.26 sq m / 1,717,854 sq km.

US States by Population (as of July 2011)

California is the biggest at 37,691,912. It is followed by Texas with a population of 25,674,681. Third is New York with 19,465,197 and Florida is at fourth with 19,057,542. Number five is Illinois with a population of 12,869,257. At sixth place is Pennsylvania with 12,742,886. Ohio is in seventh place with 11,544,951. At the number eight spot is Michigan with 9,876,187 and ninth is Georgia with 9,815,210. The population of North Carolina is 9,656,401, good for tenth spot.

The eleventh most populous state is New Jersey. Its population is 8,821,155. Virginia is the 12th biggest. Its population is 8,096,604. Washington is at the thirteenth spot with a population of 6,830,038. At the 14th spot is Massachusetts with a population of 6,587,536. At number 15 is Indiana with a population of 6,516,922. Arizona is at number 16 with a population of 6,482,505.

The Biggest States by Size Area

The biggest is Alaska with 663,267.26 sq mi / 1,717,854 sq km. Second is Texas with an area of 268,580.82 sq mi / 695,621 sq km. At the third spot is California with 163,695.57 sq mi / 423,970 sq km. At the number fourth spot is Montana. Its total area is 147,042.40 sq mi / 380,838 sq km.

New Mexico is at fifth place with an area of 121,589.48 sq mi / 314,915 sq km. At the sixth spot is Arizona with an area of 113,998.30 sq mi / 295,254 sq km. At the seventh spot is Nevada with an area of 110,560.71 sq mi / sq km. At number eight is Colorado with an area of 104,093.57 sq mi / 269,601 sq km. Oregon is at number nine with an area of 98,380.64 sq mi / 254,805 sq km. Wyoming is at number ten with an area of 97,813.56 sq mi / 253,336 sq km.

At 11 in the biggest states by size of area is Michigan with a total area of 96,716.11 sq mi / 250,494 sq km. At the twelfth spot is Minnesota with an area of 86,938.87 sq mi / 225,171 sq km.

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