26 Inch Flat Screen TV

A 26-inch flat screen TV may be what you’ve always dreamed of having but before you start looking for the best buy and checking out several brands, there’s more to buying a TV set than deciding which model you want.

First off, check the exact dimensions of your TV. A 26-inch flat screen TV is generally around 25.9 inches in width, 6.9 inches in depth and 19.9 inches in height.

Knowing these dimensions, you can then start sizing-up your room; particularly the exact spot where you will be placing you TV set.

Another thing to keep in mind before buying your 26-inch flat TV is the viewing range from your TV to where you will be sitting or lounging while watching your favorite shows or movies.

Recommended TV Sizes Based on Viewing Distance

To help you decide which TV screen size will work best for you based on your viewing range, see the list below for a few suggestions.

• 26-inch TV – Recommended viewing distance is from 3.25 up to 5.5 feet.

• 32-inch TV – Viewing distance should be approximately 4 up to 6.6 feet.

• 37-inch TV – For this TV size, suggested viewing range is about 4.63 up to 7.71 feet

• 40-inch TV – Recommended viewing distance for this TV size is 5 up to 8.33 feet

• 46-inch TV – This TV size is best for a viewing range of about 5.75 up to 9.5 feet

• 52-inch TV – 6.5 up to 10.8 feet is the suggested viewing distance for this TV model.

• 58-inch TV – You should at least have a distance of 7.25 up to 12 feet from the TV to where you will be sitting or lounging.

• 65-inch TV – For this size, measure at least 8.13 up to 13.5 feet for your distance from the screen to your couch.

• 70-inch TV – This mother of a TV requires you to at least have a viewing distance of about 8.75 up to 14.75 feet.

So if you’re thinking of getting a 26-inch flat screen television, you can see from the list above that you should have a viewing distance of at least 3.25 feet up to 5.5 feet.

Once you have determined that you have the space for you TV and the proper viewing range, you can now start checking out some models from different manufacturers.

Always check that your warranty covers parts and services so you can have your set repaired at no extra cost to you, within the given warranty period.

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