Hospital Bed Dimensions

Hospital bed dimensions differ depending on the manufacturer. Also, the features of the bed may be modified to suit the requirements of the patient.

NG 1967 Hospital Bed Specifications

The platform base measures 900 mm x 2000 mm and the outer dimensions measure 920 mm x 2230 mm. The bed height can be adjusted from 440 mm – 780 mm. The mattress platform is made up of four components and it comes with bump steps. The castor is 150 mm in diameter. The castor also has a link locking feature and three way mode. The under bed ground clearance is 125 mm.

The bed weighs 145 kg and the working load maxes out at 175 kg. Other features include a bed making table (up to 20 kg) and bed lengthening facility (115 mm – 235 mm). There is also liquid ingress protection (IP 66 maximum).

There are also bed override controls, hand held remote control and accessory holders. The backrest is 0 to 67 degrees and the lower leg rest is 0 to -15 degrees.

MG 1950 Hospital Bed Dimensions

The MG 1950 has a length of 2070 mm (81.5in) and is 930 mm (36.5in) wide. The mattress platform is 1990 mm (78.5in) and 900 mm (35.5in) wide (fold under siderails). The height adjustment range is 540/490 mm (31.5/19.5in) minimum and 840/740 mm (33.0/19.0in) maximum.

The siderails are 2020 mm (79.5in) long and 20 mm (12.5in) wide (both fold under). The Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg is +/-17 degrees. The castors measure 8 inches and have center locking. The knee catch/break is +28 degrees.

Optional features include a weighing display system. The max patient weight is 181 kg (400 lbs). Other accessories include a writing tray and monitor shelf.

AG 1982 Technical Specifications

The AG 1982 hospital bed has a platform base measuring 900 mm x 2000 mm. The outer dimensions are 960 mm x 2230 mm. The height can be adjusted from a range of 440 mm – 780 mm. The castor measures 150 mm in diameter.

There is also a bed lengthening facility (115 mm – 235 mm). The ground clearance is 125 mm. The bed weighs 150 kg. The maximum safe work load is 180 kg. The liquid ingress protection is good for IP 66. The back rest is from 0 67 degrees.

The hospital bed dimensions as specified here are subject to change. To meet the needs of patients, the features of these hospital beds are always being improved.

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