Automobile Dimensions

Automobile dimensions differ because companies try to meet the demands of various buyers. The following are some of the vehicles you will see.

Dodge Challenger

The third generation models (2008 and present) have a wheelbase of 116.0 in (2946 mm). They are 197.7 in (5022 mm) long and 75.7 in (1923 mm) wide. These cars are 57.0 in (1448 mm) high.

The 2nd generation (1978–1983) models have a wheelbase of 2530 mm (99.6 in). Their length is 4525 mm (178.1 in) and the height is 1345 mm (53 in)–1355 mm (53.3 in). The width is 1675 mm (65.9 in).

The 1st generation (1970–1974) Challengers have a wheelbase measuring 110.0 in (2794 mm). Their length is 191.3 in (4859 mm) and the width is 76.1 in (1933 mm). The height is 50.9 in (1293 mm).

2012 Boss 302 Mustang

The automobile dimensions give it a wheelbase of 107.1 in (2,720 mm). The height is 55.6 in (1,410 mm) (coupe) and the width is 73.9 in (1,880 mm). The curb weight is 3,631 lb (1,647 kg). The car is 188.1 in (4,780 mm) long.

This is an upgrade of the 2011 model. The engine can produce 444 hp. The suspension is also higher than those of the Mustang GT. The body is set down by 11 mm.

Audi R8

The V8 Coupe is 4,431 mm (174.4 in) long and 1,904 mm (75.0 in) wide. The V8 Coupe is 1,249 mm (49.2 in) high. The curb weight is 1,560–1,565 kg (3,439–3,450 lb). The V10 Coupe is 4,435 mm (174.6 in) long and 1,930 mm (76.0 in) wide. The height is 1,252 mm (49.3 in). The curb weight is 1,620–1,625 kg (3,571–3,583 lb).

Mercedes-Benz W212

The wheelbase is 108.7 in (2761 mm) for the coupe and 113.1 in (2873 mm) for the sedan/wagon. The length is 185.0 in (4699 mm) for the coupe. For the sedan it is 191.7 in (4869 mm). The wagon length is 193.1 in (4905 mm).

The coupe is 70.3 in (1786 mm) long. The wagon is 71.7 in (1821 mm) long and the sedan is 73.0 in (1854 mm). The coupe is 54.8 in (1392 mm) long. The wagon is 59.5 in (1511 mm) high.

The automobile dimensions described here show how varied their specifications can be. If you are going to buy one, you should get in touch with a qualified dealer so you know exactly what its features are.

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