Breaker Bar Dimensions

Breaker bar dimensions differ, with some measuring 12 inches long. Others measure 1/2" x 18", 3/8 x 15 inches long. Others are 24 inches long and some extend to over 30 inches.

Facts about the Breaker Bar

The breaker bar can refer to any steel pipe used for leverage. The most basic breaker bar is a long pipe. The high end types are the extra long manufactured ratchet drivers. The basic pipe is sufficient in most cases.

However, the ratchet driver can be more efficient. Breaker bars are used in many ways. Their most common application is to break or freeze bolts that are stuck. This is done by using the additional leverage. The amount of torque and leverage it can provide depends on the breaker bar dimensions.


There are other ways to use the breaker bar. These include removing bolts on the car tires. They can also be used on home renovation projects, manufacturing applications etc. The breaker can be used in many instances wherein bolts get stuck. Bolts often get stuck when rust builds up.

Advantages and Benefits

The tool permits the individual to use the added leverage supplied by the longer utility while keeping the tool force the same. Here is an example. If you slip a long pipe over a ratchet’s end, you can put more leverage on the tool via the breaker. This will place more pressure on the bolt. Using another pipe on the ratchet is often called a cheater bar.


While this method can work, it can be dangerous. Adding more force to the ratchet may lead to slippage. This could damage the bolt and the tool. It may also prove hazardous to the user.

Some manufacturers have resolved this problem by making breaker bars minus the ratchet mechanism. These breakers exert more pressure on the socket and bolt.

Other manufacturers make a ratchet breaker bar. This is a ratchet with an extended handle. Its biggest benefit is there is no need to use another pipe. This will reduce the chances of slippage happening.

This makes it safer for the user to use. But too much pressure on the ratchet mechanism can still be dangerous. For this reason, many prefer the non-ratcheting design.

Since the breaker bar dimensions vary, you should determine exactly what you need. Consider the tasks that require the breaker. What specs are needed? You have to account for this before you make a purchase.

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