Sizes of a Fire Truck

The size of a fire truck is not standardized although a lot ofFire Truck American fire trucks are at least 24 ft long. The height is around 12 ft. The maximum height limit is 13 ft 6 inches. The width of a fire truck is from 7 to 8 feet.

Quint Specifications

The quint refers to the fire service equipment that is fitted on the truck. It has five main features: they are the water tank, ground ladders, fire hose pump and the aerial device. The minimum specs are as follows.

The fire pump needs to have a capacity of at least 1000 gpm (3,790 L/min). The truck must also have the aerial ladder with the waterway connected to it permanently. Whatever the size of a fire truck, the water tank needs to have a minimum capacity of 300 gallons (equal to 1140 L)

The Equipment Storage and Ground Ladder

The storage needs to be 40 cubic feet (1.1 cubic meters enclosed) minimum. The hose storage should be at least 30 cubic feet (about 8 cubic meters). This is for a 2.5 inch (65 mm) fire hose. For larger hoses,

the storage capacity needs to be larger. In addition the hose storage needs two areas measuring 3.5 cubic feet (.1 cubic meters) for 1.5 inch (38 mm) fire hose lines. This is also used for the preconnected fire hose lines.

Regardless of the size of a fire truck, the ground ladder needs to be a minimum 85 feet (26 meters). It should also have one roof ladder and one attic ladder. The suction hose should be at least 15 feet (4.5 meters) for soft suction and 20 feet (6 meters) for hard suction.

Other Equipment

The fire hose needs to be at least 800 feet (240 meters) / 2.5 inch (65 mm). If the hose is 1.75 inches (45 mm) or 2 inches (52 mm), it has to be at least 400 feet (120 meters) long. A one combination spray nozzle should be 200 gpm (750 L/min) minimum.

For a two combination nozzle, the minimum is 95 gpm (360 L/min). For the playpipe nozzle, the tip dimensions are 1 inch (25 mm), 1.125 inches (29 mm) and 1.24 inches (32 mm).

Although the size of fire trucks varies, the following are almost always present: a 6 pound flathead axe, 6 foot (2 meter) pike pole or plaster hook and 6 pound pickhead axe. At least one of these should be on the truck.

Other tools and utilities used are 8 foot (2.4 meter) or longer pike poles, a couple of hand lights and fire extinguishers. Two types are usually present: the dry chemical fire extinguisher (with a minimum 80-B:C rating) and the 2.5 gallon (9.5 L) water fire extinguisher.

There is also a pump intake connection, an SCBA per seating and at least one first aid kit.

Depending on your location, the size of a fire truck may be similar or very different from the one listed above. Government resources and funds dictate how well equipped these fire trucks can be.

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