Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions Standard

The standard kitchen cabinet dimensions below are widely used in the United States. However, it should be stated that the measurements used by some manufacturers may vary from these figures by a bit.

Base Cabinets

These are usually 24 inches deep. The 24 inch depth is almost universal because it makes it easy for people to get stuff in the cabinet.

The height is from 34 to 42 inches. The height will be increased to 36 inches if the countertop is added. However, the height can be modified so one does not have to stoop down. Again, these dimensions may be altered depending on the position and placement of the furniture.

Wall Cabinets

While there are standard kitchen cabinet dimensions, the height of wall cabinets varies. It can be between 12 – 42 inches. The depth however, is usually between 12 to 13 inches. The height differential is due to the different placements.

If you are installing the wall cabinet over a countertop, you usually have to put it 54 inches off the floor. If it is projecting over the stove, it must be set at least a couple of feet higher than where the stove is set.

This is crucial so mishaps can be avoided. With a soffit, the wall height should be 30 inches. Minus the soffit, the measurement is around 42 inches.

The width has to match the base cabinet width. This is not absolutely necessary, but it enhances the appearance of the kitchen.

Other Kitchen Cabinet Measurements

Since these furniture pieces are available in many styles, their dimensions will differ. The corner kitchen cabinet for the sink measures 36 x 36 x 24 inches (H x W x D). This is suitable for those who have a right angle sink.

Customized versions will vary, but one of the most popular measurements is 42 x 42 x 24. If a stove is set at the counter top corner and the cabinet over it, the figure will be 30 x 15 inches.

The minimum width is 36 inches, but it is better to get a wider one. Some can be placed above the refrigerator. The depth is usually 24 inches.

With the standard kitchen cabinet dimensions, you should have plenty of space to move around. Of course space is just one aspect to consider. The design is also vital. There are several styles to choose from, so pick one that matches the rest of your home.

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