King Size Bed Dimensions in Australia

A term used to refer to mattress or bed dimensions, a bed size is categorized into four, namely the single or the twin, double or full, the queen and the king size. Among the four bed sizes, the king size is the largest. However, the size of this bed differs from where it is manufactured. The size of the bed in Europe is different from the bed in America. For the sake of consumers who want to purchase a king size bed, this article focuses on the king size bed dimensions in Australia.

The Dimensions of King Size Beds in Australia

What are king size bed dimensions in Australia? Consumers who are interested in buying king size beds made in Australia should have ideas about the standard length and width in metric measurements as well as in imperial measurements. The standard length and width of the bed in metric measurements are 183 centimeters and 203 centimeters, respectively. However, the standard width and length of the bed in imperial measurements are 6 feet and 8 inches as well as 6 feet.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

When purchasing this type of bed, it is important to know the other terms used to refer to king bed. These terms include the standard king and the California king. The standard king is also known as the Eastern king bed. This bed has the same length with a queen size bed but it is wider. The overall dimensions of the bed are 203.2 centimeters x 193 centimeters. On the other hand, the California King is also called as the Western King. The width of the bed is the same with the width of the standard king but it is longer. To learn more about king beds, let us have a glimpse of the dimensions of beds available in the other regions of the world.

In Europe, the king size bed measures 152.4 centimeters long and 198.1 wide. Customers who like the super king size bed can also purchase the item in Europe. The dimensions of the bed are the same with the king beds in Asia. In Thailand, the length of the bed is 182.9 centimeters while the width of the bed is 198.1 centimeters.

To know which type of king bed suits you, it is best to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type. The standard king is the widest type and it is good for two people but the California King is suitable in standard sized rooms.

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