Size of a Oxygen Resuscitactors

An oxygen resuscitator is an essential equipment in first aid kits. This helps patients who may have stopped breathing in certain medical emergencies to have an initial supply of oxygen to assist them in breathing again.

These are portable so you can easily bring them to the patient when a medical emergency arises. The Size of an Oxygen Resuscitator may vary, usually depending on whether it is manual or automatic.

However, whatever the Size of an Oxygen Resuscitator, the essence of this equipment is that it is portable enough to carry around or stash in the car or at home.

Standard Size of an Oxygen Resuscitator

As mentioned, there are two types of oxygen resuscitators: manual and automatic. The Size of an Oxygen Resuscitator that is manually-operated usually comes in two variations: children size and adult size.

A manual oxygen resuscitator suitable for kids typically measures somewhere around 66 x 27 x 43.5 centimeters; while an adult-sized portable resuscitator approximately measures 74 x 37 x 42 centimeters.

On the other hand, the Size of an Oxygen Resuscitator that is automatic usually measures around 37 by 27.8 by 17.5 centimeters. This weighs around 6.8 kilogram and includes a 1-liter capacity oxygen bottle.

You may find that other models have different measurements. The above-given dimensions serve only as a guide on the usual sizes of both manual and automatic oxygen resuscitators.

Manual vs. Automatic Oxygen Resuscitators

A manual oxygen resuscitator is also called a bag mask. This type requires you to pump oxygen to the patient through the bulb attached to the mask which then passes on the oxygen to the patient.

You may attach this to an oxygen tank as well and regulate the pressure of the oxygen flowing through the tube into the patient.

An automatic oxygen resuscitator on the other hand, is attached to an oxygen tube where the pressure is automatically configured as the oxygen passes to through the mask onto the patient. It comes with a snug-fitting mask that is placed over the patient’s nose and mouth.

It usually comes with another tank that contains carbon dioxide and is mixed with oxygen to provide the right mixture to resuscitate the brain.

Whatever type you decide to get and whatever Size of an Oxygen Resuscitator you prefer, the bottom line is that this is an essential medical equipment to have on hand should medical emergencies arise to provide initial medical care to the patient.

You can find all types of portable oxygen resuscitators on the internet, with full descriptions and specifications to help you decide which one is most suitable for you and your family.

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