Surgical Blades Size Chart


Scalpel and surgical blade sizes come in many lengths. Some handles are 105 mm long, while others are 140 mm and 150 mm. There are also blade handles 165 mm long. The blades lengths vary too with some being 12.7 mm and others longer. 


The scalpels are comprised of two components: the blade and the handle. The blades can be replaced and the handles can be reused. It should be noted that in surgery and other medical applications, the blade is used only once. 

The scalpels used in medicine are basically of two kinds. The first is the flat handle utilized in the #3 and #4 handles. The other is the #7, similar to a writing pen. The back is flat and the front is rounded off. The #4 is bigger than the #3. 

Surgical Blade Sizes and Types 

This list of blade types is an overview. There are many more kinds available. Note also that surgical blades are not just used in medicine. They are also used for some arts and crafts. 

Blade #10

This is compatible with the 1, 3 and 7 handles. The cutting edge is curved and it has a flat back. It is utilized for slicing skin in surgery. This blade can also cut muscles in surgery. 

Blade #10a

This surgical blade size is compatible with 3, 3L, 3 Graduated, 5B, 7, 9, B3 and B3 handles. The blade is straight and small.

Blade #11

This is for 1, 3 and 7 handles. The blade is triangular and has a sharp end. The cutting edge is flat and parallel to the back. It is used for accurate cutting. This blade is also used in stencil cutting. 

Blade #12a

This is for the 3 and 7 handles. This is a crescent shaped blade. It is small and sharpened at the interior of the curve. 

Blade #12b

This surgical blade size is for the 3 and 7 handles. This is just like the #12a blade except both sides are sharp. 

Blade #15

For handles 3 and 7, it is a smaller version of the #10 blade.

Blade #15c

Also for the 3 and 7 handles, it is basically the #15 blade except for the angle that is set downward. 

Blade #16

This is for handles 1 and 3. The blade is narrow. It is set higher than the axis handle. This is sued mainly for stencil cutting. 

Blade #17

This blade is 1.6 mm long with a flat face. This blade is used when narrow cuts are required. It is for the 1 and 3 handles. 

Blade #18

This blade is 12.7 mm long. This is for the 2, 5 and 6 handles. This scalpel is for deep cuts. 

Blade #19 

This blade is for the 4 handle. This is very much like #15. 

These surgical blade sizes are some of the most common types you will come across. But it is very possible that other lengths are used by manufacturers. However, the length will be provided in the package. 

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