Trash Can Dimensions

Trash can dimensions are determined by the purpose for which they will be used. Trash CanThere are 5 main uses for garbage cans: household, office, commercial, industrial, and community. How the measurements of garbage cans are dictated by these factors are as follows:

For Household Use

Being the unit of society with the smallest demand for daily trash collection, a family can use a regular-size trash container. Trash can dimensions in this case can be limited to one foot or 1 foot diameter with a height of 1.5 feet. For smaller families, 10 inches diameter by 1.5 feet will do for measurements of garbage cans. It is advisable to have the can in the kitchen or kitchen extension, well covered, and to have a can on each floor for multi-level dwellings.

For Office Use

Most offices produce more trash than households do. Trash can dimensions should be not less than 1 foot diameter for the base and 2 feet for the height. The average ratio is to have one can for every 7 persons in a room. But this depends on the nature of the office. An office for a printing company may need bigger measurements of garbage cans.

For Commercial Use

Though commercial places have bigger demands for daily trash collection, it is not advisable to build very huge containers for this. Trash can dimensions of 1 foot or 1.5 feet diameter by 3 feet will do, preferably with easy cover opening. The swinging type is popularly used. To accommodate the bulk of wastes produced daily in commercial places, the trick is to place the containers in strategic concealed places, not put a huge one for all to use. A container with the above measurements of garbage cans should be placed per 100 square meter area. Each comfort rooms should have one.

For Industrial and Community Use

Though industrial places and communities mostly occupy huge areas, they are not as crowded as commercial areas are. For industrial sites, 3 to 4 containers per 1000 square meters will do, with the same trash can dimensions as those in commercial sites can be used. For communities, put a similar container in each street corner, plus 2 or 3 at the community center or plaza or clubhouse.

Square Cans

Square trash cans are also suitable, but many are of the opinion that round cans allow more space. A 1 by 1 foot by 2 feet square can has 2 square feet volume of space. A cylindrical can with the same trash can dimensions has 6.28 square feet of volume space.

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