How Large are Serving Spoons?

If you think about it, there are a large number of spoons available. They are created not just for eating but also for preparing food, for cooking, for handling, and for serving. They can be found anywhere in the kitchen from the countertop to the dining table.

Serving spoons are a special variation of spoon that is used for serving food, portioning salads and other dishes, especially when they are already served on the table.

How Large are Serving Spoons?

Serving spoons are bigger than your regular tablespoon. It has a longer handle and a bigger spoon that is bowl round and not oval. From the spoon to the handle, the standard size of a serving spoon is about 11 inches. It could be a bit longer or shorter depending on the brand and the style. That serving spoon size and shape makes taking up food from the serving tray and transferring it on diners’ plates a lot easier and fuss-free.

Serving Spoon Types

Although a serving spoon is in a family of spoons, it has a class on its own. It varies according to size, style, design, and material.

Serving spoons are usually made of plastic, porcelain, metal, and wood. Depending on your kitchen style and your preferences, you can choose the right set of serving spoon for your every kind of need.

The term serving spoon generally applies to the big, round spoon that has a longer handle. It is used in serving food, portioning a meal, transferring the dish from the serving tray to your dinner plate. But there are other spoons under the ‘serving spoon’ category.

There is the stirrer, a long stemmed spoon usually intended for mixing drinks. There’s also a sugar spoon, which is a tiny spoon served with a bowl of granulated sugar. Next up, there’s a berry spoon, which is larger than tablespoon, with a deep and round bowl, and is used mainly on serving berries and the like. A jelly spoon is another serving spoon variety, which usually has a pointed edge and is used for serving jellies and other fruit preserves.

Serving spoons are a must-have in every table, no matter whether you are talking about the large serving spoons or the smaller varieties that are intended for every different function. They play significant roles in table etiquette, which is something that foodies should know. There are many other serving spoon types that can be found on table. You will be mesmerized to find that there is practically a spoon available for every different kind of need.

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