Miter Saw Dimensions

The miter saw dimensions are determined by the blade diameter size. The most widely available blades measure 8", 10", 12" and 14” in diameter.

Uses and Applications

The miter saw can be used in many applications, from finishing woodworks to conducting renovations. They are also used for cutting mitered corners and creating proper angles.

The miter saw (also called the chop saw) is best used for making accurate slices. They can also be used for sawing angles for crown molding. The miter saw may be used to make picture frames as well.

Difference from the Miter Box

The miter box is not a saw; it is a saw made from hard plastic or wood. It is used with a hand saw to make precise cuts. The miter box works best to make 90 degree cuts. The miter saw on the hand, is a tool used for making smooth cuts.

he miter saw dimensions and type affect its quality. The more powerful types can cut at 45 and 90 degree angles. Another type called the compound miter saw is capable of making beveled edges.


The blade used on miter saws is similar to the ones used in other saws (except for the shape). However the tooth quality varies per model; there are models with extra fine teeth for use with frames or moldings.

Tips for Using a Miter Saw

tart by practicing on a few wood scraps. As a rule, the slower the cut, the finer and more precise the cut will be. When you are ready, don your safety glasses. If you find it too noisy, put on earplugs.

Step 1

To rotate the saw table to the right angle, use the lower handle. Note the angle using a piece of scrap wood. Hold it against the fence or guide.

Step 2

Make sure the saw is off. Pull the miter saw down on the wood. Make sure the saw makes contact with the mark you created. Turn on the saw and start cutting.

Tips and Warnings

The miter saw angles can be changed from 0 to 45 degrees. There are also miter saws that can do vertical cuts. Some of the more advanced models employ laser lights to note the right spot. Choose the miter saw dimensions carefully. The blade diameter and the quality of the teeth have an effect on the cutting process. For this reason, you must look at the model specifications and determine if it meets your requirements.

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