How Big is a Hammock?

Outdoor relaxation is made even more fun and exciting with an addition of a hammock. A rope or fabric hammock is usually the choice for households that seek to provide blissful comfort. There are other types, like the hammock chair and porch swings, that can suit a different requirement for comfort. However, there are quite a handful of other things to consider other than type before you can enjoy such an enjoyable addition. The first of them is size.

Size Considerations

Hammocks are measured in length. The most common size for a rope or fabric hammock is about 13 feet long. For hammock chairs and swings, they are usually pre-made so they also come in standard sizes, complete with accessories.

Hammock Types

As mentioned, there are different hammock types. Each defines a different kind of comfort and support.

Rope hammocks are ideal for homes enjoying warm and hot climates. Since airflow is not constricted, users are allowed to breathe freely. There are two types of rope hammocks: one is made of cotton and the other is made of polyester. Although cotton rope hammocks are more comfortable, they are not suitable for outdoor use as they can be damaged by constant exposure to direct sunlight. They are also more prone to mold, mildew, and fading.

Fabric hammocks are ideal for homes enjoying cooler climates. They are the ultimate source of comfort for afternoon naps and lazy Sundays. It can carry as much as 275 lbs of weight. That means, it can carry a couple with an average weight.

Hammock chairs are for people who like to just sit down relaxing and not exactly lie down. Usually, hammock chairs usually come with footrests. Some even come in a camping package, which may be assembled and disassembled easily.

A porch swing is much like a hammock chair. It is compact, it is spacious enough to fit a family, it is great for a sitting option whether indoors or outdoors.

Hammock installation depends on the type you decide to buy. For rope and cotton hammocks, you will need a post if there is nothing in your garden or veranda to hold it together. For hammock chairs and swings, you will have no problem whatsoever because they are already equipped with their own stand.

If you want to create the most comfortable setting for your outdoors or even an indoor space, try the ultimate support that a hammock can provide. It is pretty much the best choice for the most fantastic form of relaxation, especially during late afternoon lazy Sundays when you usually not have anything to think about.

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