Scratch Awl Dimensions

Scratch awl sizes vary. Some are 7 7/8 inches long, but there are models 8 inches long. The shank width differs too; some are 3 ½ inches wide and others are much wider.

What is the Scratch Awl?

It is a tool used in woodworking, specifically for marking spots on wood. The point can vary; some have reaming blades while others are round and tapered. This is different from the awls used to make holes in wood for screws.

How to Use the Scratch Awl

Step 1

Get the wood and use the scratch awl to mark a point. Take the measurement twice.

Step 2

Position a straight edge next to the point you marked. Firmly hold the straight edge so it doesn’t move.

Step 3

No matter which scratch awl size you use, make sure to hold it at a slight angle. This way the point will be on the straight edge. Now pull the scratch awl to you. Use the straight edge as a guide.

Other Kinds of Awls

hoemakers will use either the stitching or shoemaking awl. The stitching or leather awl is used for leather sewing. The tool is also used on thick materials that average needles cannot handle.

The designs vary; some have a hole for threading while others are a spike rod. Either type is used by the shoemaker to put shoe leather pieces together.

The shoemaker’s awl is different. The tool has a curved tip. Its purpose is to sew a shoe’s sole onto the upper section. The shoemaker’s awl is also used in sewing that requires curves. The curve of the shoemaker’s awl permits a couple of leather materials to be sewn uniformly.

This can be done even if the two are not lined up properly. The curve also provides more leverage when dealing with edges. In short, less force is necessary to create holes. This allows the shoemaker to create shoes with less stress. It leads to greater productivity.

Care and Maintenance

Only use a sharp scratch awl; a dull one is very difficult to use. A metal file can be utilized to make the sharp point. Just draw the file shaft. Do this while you turn the scratch awl.

If you go online, you will see different scratch awl sizes available. Besides the size, you should also check the types of jobs it can perform. This will vary depending on the way the manufacturer designed it.

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