Standard Kitchen Sink Dimensions

The standard kitchen sink dimensions are 22 x 30 inches. These come with two bowls both 8 inches deep. While this size is all right for most, some individuals may require deeper bowls. You will need deeper bowls if you wash big pots.

Other Designs

There are some kitchen sinks with high set shallow bowls set between the basins. These are for washing and peeling vegetables. You can also find some basins that fit into small corners and sinks with one large basin.

Some sinks have unequal sized basins. The sink size you can get depends on the available under-counter space (for sink bowl depth) and counter space (sink width and length).

Basic Features of a Kitchen Sink

Aside from the kitchen sink dimensions, buyers and designers should look for the basic features like faucets for producing cold and hot water and a drain. Many sinks also come with a spray feature for quicker rinsing.

Most drains also come with a strainer or shut off mechanism. The sink should also have an overflow prevention apparatus. When selecting the kitchen sink, many factors have to be considered, including the mounting.


There are three types available: the apron, under-mount and top-mount. The top-mount sinks are set in holes sliced in the countertop. These sinks are suspended by the rim. The under-mount or bottom mount are set under the countertop surface.

Compared to the top-mount, the countertop material can be seen. These sinks use silicone based sealants to ensure there is no leak. The apron sinks have the sinks set deep. They also have a finished apron top.

Other Kitchen Sink Dimensions and Types

The single bowl is usually 25 Inches wide and has a sink depth of 21 -22 Inches. The sink deepness is 8 inches. The double bowl is 33 to 36 inches wide and has a depth 21 to 22 inches. The deepness is also 9 inches. The side disposal is 33 inches wide and 21 to 22 inches deep. It has a sink deepness of 8 inches.

The triple bowl is also 33 inches wide and 21 to 22 inches deep. The sink deepness is 6, 8 and 10 inches.

The corner type has a sink depth of 11 to 21 inches and is 17 inches wide. The bar is 15 to 25 inches wide and has a depth of 15 inches. The sink deepness is 5 ½ to 6 inches.

Material s Used for Sinks

The most widely used material is stainless steel. It is very strong, easy to clean and affordable. Porcelain is also popular. But because it is made of glass, heavy impacts can damage it.

Other materials used for kitchen sinks are enamel over cast iron, fireclay and solid granite. There are also sinks made from composite materials designed to look like granite, porcelain etc.

In most cases, the standard kitchen sink dimensions will be sufficient for most homes. But if you are a designer, it pays to know the various kinds of sizes you can use.

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