Bed Dimensions Box Spring

Box spring dimensions are nearly the same as the mattress it will support. A full size box spring is 53 inches wide and 75 inches long. The box spring itself is 9 inches for the standard and 5 to 5.5 inches high for the low profile type.


Box springs are also known as bed bases. Basically, it is a frame built of wood. Manufacturers implement innovations in the design, but there will always be springs or torsion. It is usually set at the top of a wood or metal frame. The mattress is then set on top of it. Together, the frame and mattress make up a bed.


Regardless of box spring dimensions, they have three fundamental purposes. The first is to produce an even and uniform structure that will hold a mattress. That is the reason why its size is significant. Its second purpose is to prevent wear and tear. This is possible because the springs act as a shock absorber.

When weight is pressed on the mattress, the springs absorb it, keeping the mattress stable. The third role of a box spring is to keep a mattress up. Without it, the mattress would sink to the ground. With the spring, getting on the bed and out of it will be easier to do.

Is a Box Spring Always Necessary?

Several beds have them, but they are not mandatory. Thanks to innovations in design, more and more beds no longer require it. An example is the Japanese-style futon mattress. This can be placed on the floor without any need for a box spring. There is no need to worry about it being crushed under pressure. But for traditional western frame beds and four-posters, springs are a necessity.

It should be noted that beds with springs do not require a frame. A box and mattress do not need its support. A mattress and box spring can be set on casters. In the past, wire frames were utilized to keep mattresses up. These would then be cushioned with springs. These are the traditional types and do not have wood rims or cloth covers. These legacy springs are called bed springs.

Not only are box spring dimensions changing, but so are the designs. Among the newer models, you will find they combine wood and springs. These are known as folding springs. Most of these products are layered with fabric. They are now widely available online.

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