Children Swing Sizes

The proceeding information about swing set dimensions can provide you with an idea of the features present in modern day swings. There are of course, variations to the elements indicated here.

Children Swing Sizes: Swing King Adventure

The Swing King Adventure swing set measures 270 cm x 245 cm x 280 cm when assembled and weighs 35 kg. It is intended for use by kids 3 to 12 years old.

The material used is wood (premium timber) and the maximum user weight is 50 kg for every child. The Swing King Adventure incorporates a double swing set design. It has polypropylene swing ropes.

The seats of the swing are blow moulded. The swing set can be concreted in the ground. This is only optional though and not necessary. The climbing frames and swings are comprised of sq cut timber. This is intended to keep cracking and splitting to a minimum.

Children Swing Sizes: Amca Concept Triple Swing Plus

The Amca Concept Triple Swing Plus measures 405 cm x 250 cm x 230 cm when assembled. It is made of galvanized steel with a user weight limit of 50 kg. The swing set is designed for use by children 3 to 12 years of age. The swing moves higher from the surface, ideal for older kids and it sports a sandy color.

The swing set comes with Tubloc connectors to ensure the set does not fall apart. The package comes with two blow moulded plastic swing seats and a blow moulded swing.

Children Swing Sizes: Bush Baby Single Swing

The Bush Baby Single Swing is 1.2 m wide, 2.29 m deep and 2.3 m high. The set is constructed out of wood and comes with all the fittings needed to install it. The swing seat is injection moulded and intended for regular use. It has soft feel ropes and has metal anchor pegs.

The swing comes with a set of strapped poles. The box is 0.47 m long, 0.47 m wide and 0.29 m high. The weight is 63 kg. The Bush Baby Single Swing can be used by children 3 to 12 years old. The wood naturally expands and shrinks depending on the temperature. This is normal.

Children Swing Sizes: Plum Colobus Swing

The Plum Colobus Swing dimensions are 3 cm x 2.3 cm x 2.2 cm. The user weight limit is 50 kg while the weight is 81 kg (assembled). The material used is wood.

The swing set comes with the utilities needed for installing the swing (this includes the anchor pegs). There are two seats (blow moulded) fitted with polypropylene swing ropes (10 mm in diameter).

Make sure the user weight is apt for the child that will use it; allowing a child to use one that is too small may cause the set to break or lead to an accident.

Because there are many types of swing sets available, reading reviews about children swing sizes will be helpful. At the very least it gives you an idea of what people use.

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