Full Bed Dimensions

Full bed or double bed is considered as the standard size of bed in some continents like America and Australia. Full BedIt is bigger as well as more spacious than a twin bed but it is smaller than a queen bed and king bed. One of the advantages of using this bed is that it can easily fit in small rooms. Additionally, the sheets that suit the bed are more affordable than the beddings and sheets for king bed and queen bed. To have ideas about the various types of this furniture, it is important to know the different full bed dimensions.

Standard Measurements

The standard size of double beds is similar in various regions of the world like in North America, Australia, Ireland and Great Britain. The beds that are manufactured and sold from these areas have a width of 54 inches and a length of 75 inches. However, the width of full beds available in Latin America and Europe is 55 inches and the length is 79 inches.

United States and Great Britain

Aside from the standard size, customers can also find a special type of full bed or double bed in the United States known as the full extra long. This bed is more spacious and longer than the other type. The furniture has a width of 54 inches and a length of 80 inches. Like in the United States, there is another popular type of double bed that customers can purchase in Great Britain, which is known as the three quarter or the small double. The width of this furniture is 48 inches while the length is 78 inches.

New Zealand

Consumers who like to purchase a longer variation of full bed that is available in New Zealand can always check the long double type. This furniture is bigger than the usual size of full bed since its width is 53 inches and its length is 80 inches.

Additional Facts and Other Important Details

The space of a full bed can only accommodate a single person with the height of below five feet and five inches. The bed is commonly placed by parents in the rooms of their children to make sure that they will have a comfortable and relaxing sleep. Since the furniture has different dimensions, it is important that consumers get the actual measurements of their bed frame before ordering or purchasing full mattresses in local home improvement stores or manufacturers of the merchandise. In this way, customers will be ensured that the mattress that they will buy fits with the frame of the bed.

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