Average Dimensions of a Full Size Bed

The average dimensions of a full size bed are 75″ long and 54” wide. It is far smaller than a queen size bed which measures 60″ x 80″. The entire surface area of a full size bed is 4,050 square inches. There are some variations in the figures depending on the manufacturer.


In many countries this bed is known as a double bed. The full size should not be confused with the twin or single bed. It is larger than those two. The order in terms of size is twin, bed, full, queen and king. If you see double bed instead of full in a store, remember that they are the same.

Sleeping Space

The average dimensions of a full size bed are more than enough for a single individual. Couples will get 27 inches of sleeping space each. This is smaller compared to the 38 inches you get in a king size bed. For average sized people, 27 inches will be sufficient.


The most obvious is being a space saver. For singles, it offers more room than a single bed. Rooms with limited space will seem larger with this type of bed. Unlike a king size bed, there is no problem with transportation. It can be moved around with ease. If you’re the type who likes to rearrange furniture, this bed will be to your liking.

Double beds are also cheaper than queen beds. Because they are popular, finding matching sheets will be easy. Headboard sizes for double beds are also easy to find.

Things to Consider

There are other several things buyers have to assess. Even if you have decided on a double bed, there are many variants to choose from. Comfort is the most important factor. There are also beds for those who suffer from back pain. Comfort aside, aesthetics also matter; the bed will be the central point of your room.


The average dimensions of a full size bed can be used by people of varying physiologies. Most people won’t recommend a double bed for couples. But others disagree. The choice is up to you. Some companies allow you to have the bed customized. This will cost more though.

Shopping for double beds has become easier with the Internet. There you will see the specifications, color, styles and other info. These are also available in furniture stores too. Styles vary, with light and dark wood finishes among the most popular. Streamlined designs are available too.

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