Sizes of Baby Mobiles

Baby mobiles are a great addition to the nursery as these not only provide soothing and relaxing music to induce sleep, these also provide the baby with colorful objects to look and marvel at as they rest in their cribs.

Basically, sizes of baby mobiles are made in a wide range of options to enable parents to pick the right one that will fit their baby’s crib.

Sizes of Baby Mobiles

Generally, sizes of baby mobiles can be adjusted to different heights to give the baby a comfortable angle upon which to watch the mobile spin around as it plays its music.

Depending on the manufacturer of the mobile, sizes of baby mobiles can be indicated in inches or centimeters. Whatever the case may be, your best option is to personally check its full length and minimum length – if the adjustable height option is provided – to give you a good idea of how far up or far down it can go.

Usually, the size specifications indicate the maximum height of the mobile toy. A few sizes of baby mobiles that you can find in the market now are 40 centimeters in height by 26.50 centimeters in width; 72.50 centimeters height by 30.50 centimeters wide; and 75 centimeters height by 49 centimeters wide.

Sometimes, sizes of baby mobiles are also indicated as Small, Medium and Large with corresponding measurements in inches, where Small measures approximately 21 inches wide by 11 inches high.

A Medium baby mobile on the other hand is around 30 inches in width by 16 inches in height and a Large mobile is approximately 40 inches wide by 21 inches high.

From the above-given sizes, you can see that others are higher than they are wider while others are wider than they are higher. Your choice depends on your own specific taste.

Learning Through Baby Mobiles

Baby mobiles do not only help induce sleep or provide something fun and colorful for the baby to look at. These also serve as an excellent educational toy for the baby as you try to teach him about various shapes and colors, different animals or even letters of the alphabet.

Baby mobiles can also help babies develop their listening skills as well as their musical talents. You will find that as they continue listening to the songs being played by the mobile, they will eventually start to hum the tunes and even sway a little to the beat of the music emanating from their mobile toys.

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