World Smallest Dog


Dogs descended from wolves thousands of years ago. Just like their descendants, wolves are very social animals, living in groups called “packs” with a defined leader. Because of the similarity of its trait with that of humans, wolves became a suitable companion for Man. Thus started a symbiotic relationship where wolves helped Man in his hunting forays, guarded and kept his flock together and defended his abode against enemies and intruders. In return, Man fed and sheltered his wolves. 

After a long process of domestication, the behavior and appearance of the wolf started to change. In the Middle Ages, people started to regard dogs as status symbols and bred them for behavior, size, color and length. Over thousands of years, dogs developed a strong loyalty and affection to Man such that even the world smallest dog breed will fiercely defend its master against other animals and intruders regardless of their diminutive size.

Because of their loyalty, most people today keep pets as a substitute for normal human relationship and contact. Instead of living alone, many elderly people keep dogs for companionship and protection. It you are considering to keep a pet dog for companionship or protection, you can either chose to own a large dog such as a German Shepherd or a small breed such as a toy terrier. 

The downside of owning large breeds is the difficulty in maintaining these because it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain and groom them – not to mention the expense entailed in keeping their big appetite at bay. Moreover, if you live in a small house with a small yard, you can consider owning instead a small or toy breed that would, nonetheless, still have the heart and courage of a large guard dog. Small dog breeds normally stand not more than sixteen inches tall and weigh not more than twenty-two pounds. 

The Chihuahua is the world smallest dog breed whose height is not more than eight inches and weighs not more than six ponds on the average. The world smallest dog is a Chihuahua that stands only 4 inches tall. However, do not let the appearance of these cute and miniscule dogs fool you. Chihuahuas come in small but terrible packages, and can be as vicious as a Pit Bull. While the world smallest dog breed is an affectionate and loyal creature, they have the tendency to be jealous and highly possessive, and may tend to growl and bite at anyone or anything that competes for its master’s attention. 

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