What is the Size of a Doberman?

Also known as the Doberman Pinscher, the Doberman Size of a Dobermanoriginated from Germany. As a companion dog, it is very loyal, alert and intelligent. It is commonly used as a police dog, a watchdog and a guard dog. Thanks to media attention and the significant roles that this dog plays in society, this breed has become one of the most recognizable. Furthermore, it offers families a great sense of job because of its lively and energetic character. In addition to these interesting facts, it is also good to know the size of a Doberman.

The Size of a Doberman

What is the size of a Doberman? As medium-sized dogs, male Dobermans grow at the average of 26 to 28 inches or 66 to 72 centimeters. On the other hand, females are a bit smaller, with an average height of 24 to 26 inches or 61 to 68 centimeters. The ideal height for males is 27.5 inches, while for females 25.5 inches.

Because this particular type of dog was originally developed as a guard dog, it has impressive qualities like an obedient temperament, determined, watchful and proud. Compared to muscular males, females possess thinner body frames. In terms of weight, males commonly weigh from 75 to 100 pounds or 34 to 45 kilograms. For females, the average weight stands from 60 to 90 pounds or 27 to 41 kilograms.

Additional Facts and Other Important Details

It is good for Dobermans to have sufficient size, which gives them better agility, endurance and strength. Normally, the tails of these dogs are long. However, they usually undergo the procedure called docking, wherein their tails are removed surgically. Meanwhile, the ears of these dogs are commonly cropped so that they can localize sound more effectively.

Since one of the primary purposes of these dogs is to serve as a protection dog, it must possess traits like willingness to defend owners, fearlessness and obedient. Likewise, it must be large enough to intimidate people. However, some efforts in North America are done to transform Dobermans into loving, loyal and gentle creatures.

The average life span of this dog breed is 10 to 14 years. However, serious health concerns can decrease this length of time even further. These include von Willebrand’s disease, cervical vertebral instability and prostatic disease. The different kinds of prostatic diseases affecting this dog breed include benign hyperplasia, prostatic adenocarcinoma as well as bacterial prostatiti. Some of the dog breeds that were crossed to come up with Dobermans include the old German shepherd dog, the Manchester terrier and the German shorthaired pointer.

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