How Big is a Family Tent?

There are many family tent sizes to choose from. Some have dimensions of 15 by 7.16 by 10 feet (W x H x D) or even bigger. Before you buy one, there are several factors that have to be evaluated.

Size Matters

The first question is how many are the members of the family? The rule most campers go by is to get as large a tent as possible. If there are five family members, get a tent designed for six or even eight people.

The extra space may be needed by physically large people. The additional room can be used for storing camping gear. Never underestimate the amount of camping gear you will need. In other words, look at the family tent sizes that are at least one person over what you need.


The larger the tent, the heavier it will be. Those for 6 to 10 people can weigh up to 50 lbs or more. In these cases, it is best if you drive up to the camp site.

More about Space

Would you want separate sleeping space for the kids? Some cabin and dome tents have this option. Other parents prefer to sleep close together especially if they are carrying a toddler.

Many of these structures have space for three sleeping quarters. You may think it is not necessary. But the extra room may be used for storage. It is also necessary for parents with teenage children who need privacy.


The tent must be strong enough to withstand difficult weather conditions. Of course you should not go camping in turbulent weather, but it is better to be sure. The quality brands will cost more. However, they will last longer.

Other Factors to Consider

Some tents have room where you can put up a table. This is ideal if the weather suddenly turns sour. Some tents have a canopy or space between two domes. You can use this as eating space. Others campers like those with a vestibule. You can use the extra room for camping gear.


The most popular are the cabin and dome styles. When it comes to access, the cabin is the easiest. The dome style on the other hand, is the strongest. If weather is unpredictable in your area, this is probably more ideal.

When assessing the family tent sizes, do not forget to check the interior height. There should be enough head room for everyone. This is a concern for tall people.

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