Dimension of a Knife Grinder


A knife grinder is a tool used to sharpen knives. The size of the knife grinder will depend on how the manufacturer designed it. For example, the Grizzly G2790 grinder is 13" high and 24" long. Other models can be smaller or bigger than this. This model can handle blade lengths up to 20”. This varies too among other models. 

How to Use the Knife Grinder

This is a general guide only. You should refer to the knife grinder manual for more detailed instructions on how to use it. 

Step 1

Start by organizing the knives in the order you will sharpen them. If you’re sharpening a knife for the first time, start with the long ones. The short knives tend to be harder to sharpen. When you are accustomed to sharpening long knives, you’ll find the short knives easier to handle. 

Note: no matter what the size of the knife grinder is, you should always be careful when handling it and the knives. 

Step 2

Take the first knife you want to sharpen. Move the whole blade across the grinding wheel. Make sure you are gripping the blade at a sharp angle to the wheel. You can also check the user guide that came with your grinder for the optimum angle to be used.

Step 3

If you want to boost the blade’s edge, consistent but light pressure will be needed. You might want to practice a bit to get used to it. When you’re done practicing, set the knife on the moving wheel. Make sure there is contact. Regardless of the size of the knife grinder, you should move the blade by the wheel lightly and slowly. 

Step 4

Make certain you are pulling it in your direction. Maintain the shallow blade angle in touch with the wheel. Again, do not put too much pressure. Applying too much pressure will grind the knife, not sharpen it. Do this for both the blade sides. Make sure the angles are similar for the sides. 


If keeping the constant pressure is difficult, use a brace. This will allow you to rest your hand while maintaining the pressure. 

How to Utilize a Knife Sharpener Stone 

Aside from the electric knife grinder, the knife sharpening stone can also be used for sharpening knives. Using it is easy. To use, just hold the knife with your left hand (reverse if you are right handed). 

The knife’s side must be perpendicular to the ground. Now place the knife’s tip onto the stone. Grip the knife in one hand. Put your fingers on the non bladed side.

Now set the edge on an angle of 20 degrees. The sharp edge remains on the stone while the knife’s spine is up at the angle. Now draw the blade on the stone. Keep the pressure constant. Make sure to draw until the knife’s heel is reached. 

The size of the knife grinder you use determines how big a knife it can handle. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully so those knives will be sharpened to their maximum potential. 

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