Belleville Washer Dimensions

There are many Belleville washer dimensions to choose from. Their sizes can be measured by the outer diameter, outer diameter or thickness. The most common sizes are 0.2-2.5 inches (4.75-63.5 mm) in diameter. The diameter opening is usually 0.1-1.0 inches (2.54-25.4 mm).


These washers are a kind of washer-shaped spring that is compact. The device is also known as a “Belleville spring”, “cupped spring washer”, “coned-disc spring,” or “conical spring washer”.


These disc springs are used in several applications. They are built of different materials, the most popular being stainless steel. These discs are employed so bolted joints become flexible. Deflection can be influenced by stacking one washer over the other in a specific way. These washers are used for resolving numerous problems. The most common are vibration, bolt creep and thermal expansion issues.

These washers can be used for producing a large amount of force in a practical design. When the disc is squeezed, the coned-disc spring with little movement will produce great force. As long as the washer is properly set up, the washer won’t relent even by a bit. This is true even if it is set under pressure.

Durability and Construction

No matter what the Belleville washer dimensions are, the washer will be able to withstand heavy duty use. In fact they can withstand regular use without suffering from deformation. Most of these washers are built of carbon steel or other grades. Particularly popular is the 18-8 stainless steel type.

This is now used by the company that makes these washers. This type of steel is non-magnetic. It is comprised of 8 percent nickel and 18 percent chromium. This is very capable of resisting corrosion thanks to its nickel and chromium.

Carbon Steel

Compared to other steel grades, this has more carbon inside. These are more easily cast, machined, forged and stamped. This fact makes the metal easy to mold and shape. By using carbon, the overall strength and hardness of the washer is increased.

No matter what the Belleville washer dimensions are, some elements are the same. For example, most of them are designed to enhance the base metal’s important properties. Coatings made of zinc and inorganic aluminum is all part of the design.

With these features, the electrical conductivity of the washers is enhanced. The majority of conical springs are composed of carbon steel. All of these contribute to its resistance to corrosion. It is because of the construction that the finish is smooth.

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