Standard Construction Paper Size

Construction paper is a type of paper that was originally used to make paper bags to store sugar, hence; this paper is also known as sugar paper. This is basically thicker than your average paper pad or printer-grade paper.

These come in a variety of colors ranging from yellow to orange, red to purple plus blue, green and your basic white. These also come in different sizes.

Standard Construction Paper Size

There are basically four standard construction paper sizes that are available in the market. The smallest size is nine inches by twelve inches.

Next comes twelve inches by eighteen inches and then eighteen by twenty-four inches and finally, twenty-four by thirty-six inches.

In millimeters, the smallest construction paper size is 229 by 305 millimeters. The other three sizes are 305 millimeters by 457 millimeters, 457 by 610 millimeters and 610 by 914 millimeters.

Grams Per Square Meter

Paper weights are measured in grams per square meter or what you would normally find in labels as gsm. Construction paper, as mentioned, is a thicker type of paper hence; this is considered as a “heavyweight” when compared to other types of paper.

Typically, construction paper is between 120 grams per square meter up to 130 grams per square meter. To get a clearer visual of just how heavy this heavyweight is, tissue paper is usually just around 10 up to 35 gsm while a lighter weight paper is around 35 to 70 gsm.

Colors and Packs

Colors for construction paper, other than the ones mentioned above also include blue-green, brown, pink and black. However, some manufacturers also make their own color combinations to provide customers with a wider range of colors to choose from.

This is usually sold in packs of twenty-five and fifty although there are also packs that have as much as five hundred sheets per pack and even up to two thousand sheets per pack.

The larger-number packs are usually bought for office and school use.

These packs can have one-color construction papers as well as several colors per pack.

You may also find construction papers that are designed with glitters and those that have two colors in one paper. The design and color-combination depends on the discretion of the manufacturer.


This paper is very popular among kids for their artwork in school. Posters, masks and finger puppets are only some of the artwork that construction paper is used for.

This may also be used to make paper bags, placemats, scrapbooks, holiday arts and crafts, gift tags, posters and also bookmarks.

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