Satellite Dish Dimensions

A satellite dish is a device used to obtain TV signals. There are many kinds of satellite dishes available today. The products listed below are just some of the units you can purchase online.

Satellite Dish Dimensions: DX Antenna DSA-20MA

The DX Antenna DSA-20MA measures 21.2 x 21.2 x 7.2 inches and weighs 13 lbs. This DirectTV satellite dish has multiroom and HDTV capabilities. The 3rd LNB gives the HDTV programming at the 110 degree orbital slot.

The multi switch and the LNBs are set in a single unit, and the mounting system allows for simpler configuration and set up. The DX Antenna DSA-20MA is made especially for utilization with up to four DirectTV receivers. The unit includes a detailed manual for installing and configuring the system. The safety precautions are also listed.

The package comes with the LNB arm/antenna back assembly, mounting hardware (4 bolts and 4 screws), the satellite dish reflector, the manual and the LNB mounting hardware. Optional features include RG 6 coaxial cables with F-type connectors and a 6-inch plumbing level.

To install the unit, a Phillips-head screwdriver, a 7/16 nut screwdriver, a magnetic compass, an electric drill with bit and an adjustable wrench are needed.

Satellite Dish Dimensions: VuQube VQ1000

The VuQube VQ1000 satellite dish measures 22.9 x 18.3 x 18.2 inches and weighs 17 lbs. This satellite dish is constructed to work in various weather conditions. The design also eliminates the need for a signal meter, tripod and level.

There is an RF remote included, with a range up to 100 ft. The streamlined configuration setup means the system can be installed by a single person. The signal acquisition times are reduced to five minutes. The unit is compatible with free-to-air satellite providers, Dish Network, DirecTV and Bell ExpressVu. No assembly is needed.

Satellite Dish Dimensions: Terk TRK

The Terk TRK measures 22 x 6 x 21 inches and weighs 13 lbs. The unit has an 18” steel galvanized antenna. The two dual LNBs allow the dish to receive all signals up to 3 satellites. You can get local programming, movies, sports, food channels and many more.

The Terk TRK gets DirectTV services and can be connected up to two receivers. The satellite dish is easy to configure; a single person can do the job. Only the simplest tools are required to put everything together. Finding and setting up the signal is easy to do as well.

Satellite Dish Dimensions: Pro Eagle Aspen

The Pro Eagle Aspen satellite dish measures 22.2 x 19.8 x 8 inches and weighs 12 lbs. The satellite dish can get HD (high defection) programming, including the local and Spanish channels (availability will depend on the location). The satellite has an integrated triple LNB, allowing you to get reception from DirecTV satellites.

It is very important that you understand the satellite specs before you buy a unit. If you are not familiar with the technical terms, you should do some research first; it can save you a lot of time and frustration.

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