Baby Quilt Dimensions

A baby quilt has many uses. Apart from having an extra layer of blanket for the baby’s bed during cold winter days, a quilt also makes for a good mattress cover to protect the bed’s top sheet from dust and dirt.

Some parents even hang a baby quilt on the nursery’s wall to serve as a wall décor. Quilts are generally handmade which means that each one is painstakingly done and a lot of hard work goes into the details.

If you wish to give your baby a quilt, you have three options: make one yourself, purchase ready-made quilts or have one custom-made for the baby.

Baby Quilt Dimensions and Patterns

If you are making the quilt yourself, there are patterns that you can download from the internet. Instructions are likewise included. You have to remember that making a quilt will take much of your time plus you need a lot of patience especially if this is your first attempt at this type of project.

There are also instructional videos that you can find online if you wish to actually see how the steps are done.

As for baby quilt dimensions, common measurements are about 37 inches by 47 inches. This is for the ready-made quilts that you will find in bedding stores.

To give you an idea of the quilt dimensions typically used by DIY moms who are experienced quilt-makers, you can check out forum discussions. The most common size recommendations by DIY moms are 3 feet by 4 feet and 4 feet by 5 feet.

Determine Your Own Baby Quilt Size

To help you figure out the exact quilt dimensions that you will need, whether you are making one or buying, you can check the measurements of the mattress where the quilt will be used.

If this is for your baby’s crib mattress, the standard dimensions for this mattress are approximately 52 inches in length by 27.5 inches in width.

Generally speaking, a quilt should be a bit larger than the mattress. To get just the right size for your baby’s mattress, add about 4 inches to the width measurement of the mattress.

You can keep the length at the same measurement as that of the mattress or you can also add about 2 to 3 inches for the length; depending on your preference.

Once you have determined the size of the quilt that you want, you can simply ask the store or the supplier for help in getting the quilt that you want.

On the other hand, if you will be making the quilt, ask the supplier of the quilt kit as to the dimensions of the fabric that you need for your quilt-making project since you will need an allowance for the fabric to make a seam for the back of the finished project.

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