Standard Photo Sizes


Nowadays, printing photos in standard sizes may be a bit of a challenge because you no longer print through the use of the age-old film strips and then come-up with negatives prior to printing.

Most photos taken from a digital camera, which is the commonly used camera these days, do not fit into the standard photo sizes. So what you need to do is to crop the pictures according to the size that you want, usually based on the frame size of your choice.

In order to come-up with the right photo sizes, you first need to know the standard sizes that photos come in.

Standard Photo Sizes

Photo sizes usually come in inches but there are conversions available on the internet if you need sizes in millimeters. This will help you decide on what paper size to use when printing your photos.

Some of the most common photo sizes and their equivalent paper sizes are as follow:

4 x 10 = 102 x 151 millimeters; paper size is A6 or one that measures 105 x 148 millimeters

5 x 7 = 126 x 177 millimeters; paper size is A5 or one that measures 148 x 210 millimeters

6 x 8 = 151 x 203 millimeters; paper size is A4 or one that measures about 210 x 297 millimeters

8 x 10 = 203 x 254 millimeters; paper size is A3 or about 297 x 420 millimeters

8 x 12 = 203 x 305 millimeters; paper size is A2 or one that measures about 420 x 594 millimeters

10 x 13 = 254 x 330 millimeters; paper size is A1 or one that measures approximately 594 x 841 millimeters

11 x 14 = 279 x 355 millimeters; paper size is A0 or one that is about 841 x 1189 millimeters

Other available photo sizes are 16 x 20 which is equivalent to 406 x 508 millimeters; 20 x 24 which is about 508 x 610 millimeters; 20 x 30 equal to 508 x 762 millimeters; and 30 x 40 which is equivalent to 762 x 1016 in millimeters.

From the above-given measurements, you can readily determine which photo frame size would fit your pictures perfectly. On the other hand, you may also wish to print your own photo size, depending on your preference; and have the frame custom-made to accommodate your photos.

You can also create your own photo frames to give them a touch of your own creative imagination as well as a bit of your personality. 

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