End Table Dimensions

The end table is often placed by the armchair, but there are now many variants available, you can use and put them practically anywhere. The varied designs also means you’re not limited to just putting lamps there.

End Table Dimensions: Kartell Dr. NA Table

The Kartell Dr. NA Table is 730 mm high with a base measuring 450 mm in diameter. The top diameter is 600 mm. The surface is scratch resistant. The tapered central leg is composed of aluminum and plastic. The material is SMC painted, which is what makes it resistant to scratching.

The base is aluminum die-cast and the leg is smooth dyed polypropylene. The Kartell Dr. NA Table can be light green, light orange, lavender grey, warm grey light yellow or fennel green. The table is usually paired with the Dr. NO chair.

End Table Dimensions: Montis Colombo Table

The Montis Colombo Table is 740 mm high with a diameter of 1500 mm. The table uses two axles to provide stability for the table. The beams have a crosscut surface so there is a bearing surface at the top and bottom. The top part can be in stained oak or oak.

The stained oak is in carbon color (30 mm thick) and the tempered glass is 12 mm. There is also a clear glass top version. The legs of the Montis Colombo Table can be in oak finish or carbon stained oak.

End Table Dimensions: Magis Deja-vu

The Magis Deja-vu extendable table is available in several sizes. The small table is extendable: 1200 mm x 800 mm x 730 mm, 1600 mm x 800 mm x 730 mm up to 2000 mm x 800 mm x 730 mm).

The large table is also extendable: 1600 mm / 1200 mm / 2800 mm x 900 mm x 730 mm (L x W x H). The shorter size is more suited to be an end table, while the longer one for more general usage.

The legs are polished aluminum, with the leaves and top in MDF (veneered in oak), HPL laminate in white and veneered in oak.

End Table Dimensions: Vitra

The Vitra extendable dining table is 735 mm high, 1000 mm wide and 2000 mm long (extendable up to 2700 mm). This table can be extended and used as a dining table. The table can be extended without altering the table leg position or carrying it. The legs are polished aluminum. The finish is either dark or light veneer. It can also be MDF white powder coated.

Choosing an End Table

There are many types of end tables in every imaginable size and shape. When you go shopping for one, look for the type that matches your living room design. The same goes for the color and the finishing; it should match the furniture you already have. Of course, you should also look around and compare prices.

The end table dimensions have to be considered. Check the available space so the table fits right in, and it isn’t too small or big.

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