How Big is a Weed Trimmer?

There are several weed trimmer sizes like 17.8 x 7.8 x 7.2 inches, 18 x 8 x 8 inches and 20 x 7 x 6 inches, so you have lots of choices. The gardening utility is also known as a weed wacker or string trimmer. It is also called a weed eater.


The trimmer is a tool made specifically to cut weeds, overgrowth and shrubs. These utilities are very handy if you have a large garden. This tool is also essential for those with a varied garden terrain.


These weed eaters are sold in different styles. The most basic inexpensive models have low power. These are best used in small gardens or yards. Trimmers with powerful motors are meant for large sprawling gardens.


The biggest advantage of this tool is its safety. It is not as dangerous as cutting grass with a blade. A blade cutting machine might get stuck against a large rock. The blade might snap and fly into your hands, causing an injury. In contrast, the trimmer has safety measures built in.


It is true there are many weed trimmer sizes, but they share some basic components. These include the engine, a handle and an elastic monofilament piece. This piece functions as the blade. When the machine is turned on, the blade is spun at a very rapid rate, causing it to harden.

Compared to a real blade however, the line will warp and bend when it comes across something to cut. If it did not flex, it would be chipped or broken. This makes the tool easy to use. Thee monofilaments are inexpensive so they can be replaced easily.

The Handles

The majority of weed whackers are equipped with long handles. This feature is necessary for two reasons. It is more comfortable to hold and second, it protects you from the monofilament. When it spins, it is sharp as a blade.

The Engine

Different systems are used to power these devices. Some are electric and have to be plugged in first. Other weed eaters rely on gas. Each user has their own preference. Some like the electric trimmers because they work very efficiently. However, they need to use a cord. This means the distance you can cover depends on its length.

If you have a large garden, this handicap can be very irritating.
The weed trimmer sizes you choose can determine how much you can cut off your garden. But all of them can be used to trim law edges after you mow them.

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