10 Foot Shipping Container Dimensions

10 foot shipping container dimensions, in spite of the name, is not really ten feet long. Because of the way companies make these units, there are bound to be some differences. However, there are specifications which are very common.

Common 10’ Specifications

The outside length is 3m / 9ft 10in, while the internal height is 2.39m / 7ft 10in. The outside height is 2.6m / 8ft 6in and the internal width is 2.35m / 7ft 8in. The outside width is 2.44m / 8ft and the door width is 2.34m / 7ft 8in. The height of the door is usually 2.28m / 7ft 5in.

The internal length is 2.84m / 9ft 3in. The general specifications are as follows: the tare weight is 1,300kg / 2,870lbs. and the maximum gross weight is 10,160kg / 22,400lbs. The cubic capacity is 15.1 cubic meters / 561 cubic feet. These structures have steel doors. The frame and sides are all constructed from steel. Most manufacturers install marine ply flooring.

Comparison with 8′ Container Specifications

You will get a better idea of 10 foot shipping container dimensions by comparing it with a standard 8′ container. The outside length is 2.44m / 8ft and the internal height is 1.99m / 6ft 6in. The outside height is 2.29m / 7ft 6in and the internal width is 1.99m / 6ft 6in. The outside width is 2.14m / 7ft while the door width is 1.99m / 6ft 6in.

The door height is 2.29m / 7ft 6in and the internal length is 2.29m / 7ft 6in. An 8 foot container’s general specs are of course smaller. The cubic capacity is 9.95 cubic meters / 351 cubic feet and the max gross weight is 6000kg / 13243lb. The tare weight is 950kg / 2100lb.

Other Information

There are many other kinds of containers. These include tunnels, which have double doors at the ends. There is also the open sided type, the open top and refrigerated. This kind of structure is used for carrying perishable or frozen cargoes.

The flat racks are used for extra large cargoes. Not all of these types are available in ten foot sizes. You have to make sure that the container you select has the proper specs. If not, the contents will not fit.

10 foot shipping container dimensions are not as widely used as 20 ft containers. However, many companies still use them. The materials employed may vary, but you will likely find that it is steel or a similar material.

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