Chicken Nesting Box Dimensions

chickennestingboxNesting boxes are very important to enhance egg production in a chicken coop. The dimensions of the boxes are essential to the behavior of hens. In addition, the measurements of the boxes are significant to eliminate the egg eating behavior of lay chickens. According to studies, small nesting boxes contribute to the increased egg production. However, making these amenities in a coop is not easy and it requires sufficient time for planning. Discussed below are the chicken nesting box dimensions that are commonly used in coops.


To improve egg production, the nesting boxes should have a width of 12 inches. The height of these amenities should be nine inches while the depth should be 12 inches. These dimensions are helpful in preventing undesirable behaviors of the animals such as fouling the boxes as well as scratching the materials inside the nests.

The entrance should be nine inches wide and six inches high. Having small entrances is cost efficient since the light inside the boxes is lessened, which is very good for egg production. Additionally, small entrances hold straw in place and ensure that the eggs will not roll out. Above all, small boxes reduce the chances of having pecked and cracked eggs.

Steps in Building a Nesting Box

Learning how to make a chicken nesting box requires dedication from the worker. However, by following the simple guidelines and steps, you will not have a hard time building this. To avoid having troubles while doing the project, it is best that you get all the needed materials beforehand. To make the box, you need an orange crate, a straw hammer, a saw and nails.

Get the hammer and use it to remove the front of the crate. Saw the front part of the crate and take a strip that measures three inches. Use the nails to attach the strip at the bottom part of the opening in the crate. Repeat the procedures for the back portion of the crate. Put the straws inside the box to prevent the eggs from rolling out.

Additional Tips and Other Important Details

Always place the nesting box three to four feet above the ground. By doing this, you can prevent critters and other pests from reaching the eggs. Do not forget to change the straws in the nests every month to make sure that the chickens are still healthy. Above all, to save money, you can go to construction sites and get items that you may find useful to make the nests.

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