Saddle Sizes

The right saddle size for you depends on several factors. There are different types, saddlebut for recreational purposes the western saddle will be most appropriate.

Choosing Saddles: Basic Guidelines

To avoid confusion, remember that the western saddle points to the rider fit. It does not refer to the way the saddle fits the horse. There should also be a four inch gap between your body’s front part and the swell (also called the fork).

The rump needs to be on the cantle base. But it should not be pressed on its back. The fit itself can be tight or loose, it’s a matter of individual preference. For beginners, it’s better to have a larger smidge than a small one.

Common Seat and Saddle Size

The seat size is measured from the cantle’s high middle point to the horn base. Dimensions are measured from 12 to 17 in. The increments are in half inches. The common sizes are as fellows: for youths it’s 12 to 13”. For petite adults it’s 14”; average adults will need 15” and large people 16” and above.

The dimensions used are the same but the styles and branding make each saddle feel very different from the other. What this means is that a 14 ½ saddle from Brand A fits but the same size from Brand B doesn’t fit as well.

More Factors to Consider

Besides saddle size, seat depth also varies among saddles. The deep ones keep you in place even during intense activity. The shallow types allow you to move more freely. The slope is angled from the cantle to the handhold. The incline ranges from slight to steep.

The cantle slope can be upright or have a slope; the cantle dish can be level or have a deep niche. This recess may be found in the front part and could be an inch deep.

The fork styles also vary and the fork angles can be oriented towards the rider or away. These aren’t just embellishments; their presence can have an effect on how comfortably you can ride the horse.

Other Reminders

Not only are there lots of saddle sizes; there are also plenty of other saddle types available. You can try English, show or hunting saddles. These saddles possess their own traits and features. When going to a saddle shop, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Of course you should tell the storeowner what activity you want to do (i.e., recreational, racing etc.)

The most durable saddles are those made of leather. They are also the most expensive. Some will sell a used saddle more cheaply. Before putting on the saddle, place an inch thick pad on the horse. Now put the saddle in place. Make sure it isn’t too tight. You must be able to place three of your fingers below the saddle tree.

Choosing the right saddle size isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Nevertheless, you need to look at each aspect carefully. The time and research you put in will pay off when you go horseback riding.

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