Biggest Catfish

The biggest catfish in the world is 9 feet (2.7 meters) long and weighed in at 646 pounds (293 kilograms). Scientists say it is a Mekong cat fish, one of the largest variants in the catfish family. In terms of size, the captured fish is equal to a Grizzly bear.

Facts about the Catfish

The name catfish is applied to a large group of fish. These creatures can be found in both freshwater and marine settings. In some parts of the world, they are popular as aquarium pets. Some of them are farmed. In other cases, the fish are regarded as nuisances
or pests. They are also used as game fish.

Catfish are also popular as food. The thick white meat can be very tasty provided it is obtained in unpolluted waters. The catfish flesh is very resilient. This makes it suitable for frying and grilling. These cooking methods are particularly popular in the United States.


The biggest catfish in the world shares some characteristics with the other catfish family. Most catfish have whiskers, from which the name is derived.

The length varies; in some cases it is short, but long in other species. Regardless of the length, the whiskers are set on both sides of its rounded mouth. The whiskers are set low on the fish’s face.

Another noteworthy trait of the fish is it does not have scales. Instead, the fish have bony plates. These are sometimes assumed to be scales, but they aren’t. Most catfish species posses forked tails. The fins are broad and can be found near the front of the fish.


Majority of catfish are found in gravelly settings. These are carnivorous creatures. For this reason, they can become a problem if introduced to a new area. Aside from eating other fish, catfish can destroy plants.

That is why it is difficult to introduce them to a new environment. This problem became apparent when Europeans introduced the fish to their waters.

Fish Tank Pets

Putting catfish in fish tanks is one way to keep the corners clean of gravel. However, it is risky to put other fish there. Chances are, the catfish will eat them. Note also that catfish can expand in size very quickly.

The sheer number of catfish in the oceans means there is a good chance other large specimens are waiting to be discovered. The record for the biggest catfish in the world has been standing for a few years, but bigger specimens may be lying in the ocean depths.

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