Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion

There are a couple of temperature scales that folks use in their every day lives. Both degree Fahrenheit and degree Celsius are used to measure the temperature of just about anything. When you watch the news and get the weather report, check your oven’s temperature, or see if your child has a fever, you use temperature scales. Sometimes it will become necessary to translate or convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit especially if you’re moving to a country where degree Fahrenheit is still in use.

Comparing Celsius and Fahrenheit

Most of the countries today have switched to using degree Celsius as the official temperature scale. This is part of a trend to standardize the way we measure a lot of things including temperature. Degree Celsius used to be called degree Centigrade, which basically means that the temperature scale is divided into 100 different grades or units to be used for measurement. This temperature scale, degree Celsius, fits in with the metric system, which is actually a decimal system. However, since there are some countries that haven’t adopted this temperature scale, converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit is still a necessity.

Degree Celsius or degree Centigrade is designed in so much that the freezing point of water is at zero degrees Celsius and its boiling point is at 100 degrees given that the water is at standard atmospheric pressure. This temperature scale was named after Anders Celsius, a Swedish astronomer who lived in 1701-1744. He was also the first one to propose such a temperature scale.

Degree Fahrenheit is a temperature scale that is still in use in the United States and a few other countries. It is named after Gabriel Fahrenheit, a German physicist, who lived in 1686-1736. This temperature scale places the freezing and boiling points exactly 180 degrees from each other. The freezing point of water using degree Fahrenheit is 32 degrees while its boiling point is at 212 degrees.

An advantage presented by those who still use this temperature scale is the fact that atmospheric temperature can be measured from a nifty scale of 0 to 100 using Fahrenheit. This is a lot easier to interpret for the ordinary citizen in comparison to the clumsy negative degrees to 37 degrees used in degree Celsius. If ever you have your vacation in a country where it is still in use as a temperature scale, you might have to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit

The easiest way to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit is to go online. Open an online search engine, like Google, and type the amount of degrees you want to convert. After that add the phrase "Celsius to Fahrenheit" and hit enter. For instance if you type "28 Celsius to Fahrenheit" on your search engine’s search box you will get 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit as the result. If you want to do the math yourself multiply the amount in degrees Celsius by 1.8 and then add 32 degrees to it. You’ll end up with the same result when you use 28 degrees Celsius like in our example.

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