How Big is a Fire Starter Kit?

There are several fire starter kit sizes available. Some models measure 2″ X 3 / 16″ and others kits have dimensions of 5.5 x 0.2 x 3 inches.


As the name suggests, these devices are designed to produce fire. These can be used to light up dried grass, moss, cotton and other fibers. They can also light up paper.

Before you use any of these devices, read the instructions first. In some kits, you have to scuff the magnesium part of the bar. If the guidelines require you to scratch in a specific way, follow it.

The fire starter kit sizes are not as important as its lighting ability. You should read some online reviews. This will give you insights as to how it works in real life conditions. Some kits can create sparks but die off quickly. If you get a kit, practice using it.

How to Make Fire Igniter Kits

First you need to get some pine cones. These are available in grocery stores and craft stores. Of course you can also get them from pine trees if there are some close by. Get a muffin tin and grease it with some cooking oil.

Now put a four inch wick down the bottom. Place this on the sides of the cup. Melt wax in a boiler. You can use paraffin or any kind of wax. You can even try crayons or candles. You don’t need a fancy boiler either; a can filled with boiling water will do.

Colorful Fires

Put the wax in the muffin tin. Get a hot pad and grab the pan. Put the wax in the cups. Fill them up. Set a pine cone in the cups. Let the cones stiffen. There are some chemicals that can make the fire more colorful.

To make these colorful flames, put a bit of glue on the cone scale edges. Roll these into any of these elements. For white flames, use Epsom salts; for violet flames, salt substitute, and for yellow flames, try table salt. If you use borax, green flames will appear.

Other Information

Whether you use a ready-made or DIY kit, be careful when handling fire. Take all necessary precautions when handling the flames.

The fire starter kit sizes are nowhere near as important as that of its quality. There are many products to choose from. You can buy these online and in various stores. Unless you are comfortable with the process, a ready-made kit is more practical than making one.

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