Locking Pliers Sizes

Locking pliers sizes, particularly their length, varies. There are 5 inch long pliers as well as 6 inch ones. 6.5 and 7 inch pliers are also being sold in stores.

Facts about Locking Pliers

The locking pliers are tools designed to hold and lock an object without getting the hand involved. While the concept is simple, pliers come in different styles and shapes.

The variety in design allows the tool to be used in different applications. The myriad uses are the reasons why locking pliers have become very popular. These days it is also possible to order customized pliers for a specific task.

While the design and locking pliers sizes vary, they have some common features. Most have a screw that is utilized for modifying the pliers’ width. These tools also have a release handle. This handle is used to open the utility if it is needed.

If the tool is locked down, the pliers will clamp down on the object. There is no need for you to grasp the handles. This feature is common in pliers because it is very useful.

Other Features

A pair of locking pliers can also be used like another pair of hands. As the object is being worked on, it can hold and keep an object steady. The utility can also be used to hold an object upright. This is especially useful when welding objects that cannot stand up on their own.

There are also some locking pliers that can be used to loosen fastened objects or bolts. Keep in mind that it is simpler to lock the tool in place and twist than to keep tension on the utility.


Just like all hardware tools, the quality will vary greatly. Poorly made metal pliers will break down easily. After only a limited use, the pliers will get fatigued and snap. Some of these cheap pliers will also rust and corrode.

By getting a high quality pair of pliers you will not fall prey to mechanical failures. With inferior products, the screw used to manage the width will fall off. Sometimes the release will snap off. If this happens, the tool will be very hard to use.

Whatever the locking pliers sizes you use, take care of it. Oiling the moving components will allow you to use the tool for longer periods. This will also prevent any rust from building up and clogging the unit.

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