Size of SSD Drive

SSD drive sizes can go up to 2 terabytes. However, most commercially sold SSDs are in the 250 GB to 500 GB range. These devices are also known as flash drives.


This is a storage device used like the traditional hard drive. However, the architecture of the flash drive is different. It uses a memory chip with cells that can be rewritten and is erasable. Unlike standard RAM, data is not lost when the device is turned off. While it is called a hard drive, it is more like the memory stick.

Features of SSD

While the SSD drive sizes differ, they have a special section for cache memory. Cache memory is used to improve processing speed by storing data that is repeatedly accessed. Because the data is on the cache, the system does not have to go far to get the required information.

Some flash drives employ volatile cache. Other systems use non-volatile cache. The former needs a source of power for keeping the data. This is how ordinary RAM works. Non-volatile cache does not need an external power source.

Benefits and Advantages

These flash drives are superior to ordinary hard disks in many ways. The first is speed; seek times are noticeably quicker. Because of its solid state, there are no components that will suffer from damage. It does not produce intense heat either.

In terms of weight, the flash drive is lighter than the regular hard disk. It uses power more effectively. Unlike standard hard disks, these flash drives are silent.

Potential Drawbacks

Some flash drives have slow write times when matched with standard hard drives. However, this isn’t always the case. It all depends on what flash memory is used and the number of chips involved. Though the price of flash drives has gone down, they are still more expensive than the hard disk.


As flash drive technology improves, the limitations and drawbacks may be overcome. Many industry watchers believe that it will replace the hard disks used today. The flash drive is particularly appealing to notebook users.

It helps reduce the overall weight and the drain on batteries. Using the drive can also improve read performance. The tradeoff however, is an increase in the price.

The SSD drive sizes can only get bigger as the technology is improved. If you are going to get one, make sure that your system can support it. Before buying, it is a good idea to research the product first.

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