USB Mini Port Replicator Dimensions


The USB mini port replicator dimensions can vary a bit. The Keyspan mini port replicator is 8.3 x 5.1 x 2.7 inches. Other models are slightly larger (10.3 x 7.1 x 3.9 inches) but there are also some that are a bit smaller than the Keyspan.

Keyspan Mini Port Replicator Features 

The Keyspan replicator comes with a 2-port USB hub, USB parallel printer adapter and USB serial adapter. These features can be handy for those old peripherals that require parallel and serial ports. The Keyspan replicator has a bus-powered design. Because the power is obtained from the USB, a power outlet or power adapter is not required. 

The device can be used on a Mac or Windows. There is a female DB-25 printer port and a RS-232 male DB9 port for serial peripherals. The 2 port USB is a self powered hub. The Keyspan also permits the use of the ports at the same time. 

The device is compatible with modems, digital cameras, ISDN terminal adapters, tablets, hand held scanners and different types of dot matrix and inkjet printers. 

What is a Port Replicator? 

The USB mini port replicator dimensions may vary, but in terms of functionality, it is the same as other port replicators. It is a device used to connect to non-peripheral like keyboards, scanners, and printers to desktop computers, laptops and netbooks. 

A non-peripheral device means it cannot be hooked up to the laptop directly. Instead, the device is hooked up to the replicator which is then connected to the computer. As indicated in the example above, USB port replicators will let you use numerous peripherals at the same time. 


USB port replicators sold today almost always come with serial and parallel ports. This makes it very easy for users to connect different peripherals. Some of the more advanced replicators also come with Ethernet controllers. There are also some units that are equipped with dial-up features. 

Note that replicators and dock stations are not the same. A docking station will require a cable to create a connection while the replicator must make contact with the computer. Replicators are also more compact than docking stations. They also cost more. 

The USB mini port replicator dimensions are not as important as the number of ports included. Reading reviews will also help you determine if the device works as advertised. The more peripherals it can work with, the better the chances of it working for you. 

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