Computer Monitor Sizes

Most of the computer monitor sizes sold today come in 17, 19, 21, 22 up to 24 inches. There are also units that are much bigger.

Which Size is Right?

It is best to get as large a monitor as possible. Bigger screens will let you see more. It will reduce the stress on your eyes. The smallest usually sold is 17 niches. This is suitable for those who use the computer occasionally. The 17” is also adequate for basic word processing.

If you are a gamer, get at least a 19” monitor. The extra space will let you see the surroundings clearly. These computer monitor sizes are also ideal for surfing the web.

Those who work on graphics art, animation, 3D and web design must get at least a 21”. Many graphic designers use at least a 22” monitor. There are even those that use two monitors.


Resolution refers to the pixels that the monitor can display vertically x horizontally. The larger the monitor, the higher resolutions it can display. 15” monitors usually max out at 1024 x 768.

Larger displays are capable of displaying much higher resolutions. A 17” model can display resolutions up to 1,280 x 1,024 as can a 19” model. The 21” inch model can display 1,600 x 1,200. Bigger models can display more.


For a long time, the bulky CRT monitors were the standard. Although some are still available, they have been largely supplanted by LCD, LED and other types. These are lighter, thinner and have much better displays.

The resolution is higher, but they are not as thick. Most of the models sold today are in widescreen format. This is suitable for watching movies on your computer.

Majority of these displays use power and energy effectively. Some of the high end models have full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and superior contrast ratios. Some models also have built-in speakers, analog and digital inputs. There are also displays that can be set on wall mount brackets.


In the past, most monitors were sold in beige. But today, they are sold in black, white, and other colors. They are also built with stereo speakers. Various types are available, but LED monitors are among the most popular. This is an LCD panel with a LED backlight.

The different computer monitor sizes available makes it easy for consumers to find the right type. Whether you are a casual user or a graphics designer, there is bound to be one right for you.

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