Size of CD Rom

There are two major CD ROM sizes used, the 8 cm and the 12 cm. The 8 cm disc has a capacity of 194 MB, while the 12 cm has a capacity of 650 to 900 MB. These are used mostly for storing files, images, songs, etc.


There are many types of CDs, and they are made for specific purposes. Some are designed for playback only. Other types are meant for recording and storing data (i.e., mp3 files and images). Some compact discs allow you to erase the contents and input new information.

The compact disc to be used depends entirely on what the individual needs. This will also depend on the machine being utilized. Some computers can only read specific types of compact discs.

Design of CD ROMs

The CD ROM sizes may differ, but the architecture is practically the same. They are composed of thin plastic. These are covered with aluminum. Their purpose is to store data. This is to be used in assorted devices. Today, these devices are often used with computers and CD players.

Read-Only Discs

Technically speaking, the CD ROM is just one compact disc variant, although the term is also used for all the discs. ROM stands for read-only memory. The manufacturer puts the data in the disc before it is sold.

These discs can be played in almost CD players and computers with CD drives. You cannot copy data on these discs. Its contents cannot be changed either.


If you want to put data on compact discs, you need the CD-R. To copy files on the disc, you also need a CD burner software. This is now included in most computers. They are also available for free on the

Some discs are labeled CD+R. These are like the CD-R, but with twice the storage space. However, not all computer systems can read CD+R discs. The CD-R is also compatible with most CD players. If you burn music files on it, your CD player will be able to play it. But the same cannot be said for CD+R discs.


The CD-RW is more like the floppy disk. You can copy, paste and delete fi8les on the disc. Before it can be used, the disc has to be formatted first.

The CD ROM sizes are still adequate for backing up pictures and music files. But larger capacity drives are now available, like the DVD discs.

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