Dimensions of a Rick of Wood

It may be a bit tricky trying to identify the dimensions of a rick of wood since there really isn’t one that will work for everyone. If you go out and ask people from various states and territories you might end up more confused. You’ll immediately find that each state will have its own private definition of what is a rick.

Defining a Rick

Before figuring out the dimensions of a rick Rick of Woodof wood one first define what a rick is. Sometimes as you ask around for a good definition for a rick you’ll get the general idea why there are no standard measurements for it. The reason behind this is that a rick is not a legal way of measuring the volume of wood.

So, some would say that a rick is nothing more than a pile of wood and is dimensionless. Well, that may be true in their state or territory however other places will have folks determining the dimensions of a rick of wood. There are places where they’ll say that a rick of wood is about half of a cord while others will say it’s a third. It really depends on who you’re asking and what the local folks in their area have grown accustomed to.

For instance, the dimensions of a rick of wood in Arkansas are about four feet high, length of about eight feet, and around 16 to 18 inches in depth. However, these dimensions are arguable in some localities. Some may say that it needs to be taller than four feet. Some would even suggest that the length won’t matter. The fact of the matter at hand is that a rick is not a standard unit of measure for firewood.

Rick or Cord

It would be interesting to note that there are states that regulate the sale of firewood. Some may find regulating the sale of fire wood ridiculous. However in states where the sale of wood is regulated the dimensions of a rick of wood are not the standard means of determining the saleable volume of merchandise.

The standard unit of measure both in Canada and the US is called a cord. A cord of wood will have a volume of 128 cubic feet. If you would measure a cord of wood then it would have dimensions of 4′ width x 4′ height x 8′ length. However, it is also acceptable to have other arrangements as to the linear measurements and dimensions as long as it will come to 128 cubic feet of wood.

The dimensions of a rick of wood are debatable and are subject to variations depending on the locality. It is not a legally defined measure of volume for firewood. It is not used in states where the sale of firewood is regulated.

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