Family Thanksgiving Party


Thanksgiving is more about a family reunion rather than a mere social function. That’s why it is expected and much anticipated with lots of merriment, fun, and enjoyment. Sound laughter usually surrounds the atmosphere and everybody forgets about diet as they dip their mouth to luscious meals.

How to Prepare a Family Thanksgiving Party

A family thanksgiving party can be easy or pretty challenging to plan. That is, depending on how big your family is and how many members of the clan you expect to be there. That is where you will base the amount to expend as well as the space and food you need to prepare.

For starters, this joyous occasion is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November in the United States. It has been annual tradition since the 1800s. There are many interesting stories about Thanksgiving and it is not at all too difficult to create an interesting story about yours this year and beyond. The key is in planning. Make sure that everything is set, all the important details are given serious attention to. If that’s the case, you will not have any worries come Thanksgiving day and all there is left is for you to have a really nice time.

Food! Food! Food!

The most important aspect of Thanksgiving is the feast. It will be the center of the occasion, so make sure that you plan the menu well.

A Thanksgiving favorite is the turkey. Tender, roasted turkey is the center of the celebration. Yes, Thanksgiving can get by without it, especially since roasted turkey does come with a price. But it can never be as extraordinary and as special without it. If you have a tight budget, go for a small turkey, 12 pounds or less, since the larger variety is expensive.

Other than turkey, you may also prepare family favorites. That is to ensure that each of your guests will come out the dining hall feeling happy and full and pleased. A Thanksgiving menu usually consists of meat, sides, soup, bread, dessert, and drinks.

Create the Festive Mood

Another important aspect of a family Thanksgiving party is the decoration. Make sure that your house embodies a welcoming and warm atmosphere that will encourage lots of fun and enjoyment.

As with food, you do not have to spend much to please. There are budget-friendly ways to decorate the dining area and create the festive atmosphere. You can use candles, fruit bowls, and artistic vases to build a stylish centerpiece. You may also buy platters, table runners, and even placemats in festive designs to boost the holiday cheer.

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