How Big is a Sun Shower?

Sun shower sizes are measured by gallon capacity. Some models have capacities of 5 gallons, 2.5 gallons and many more. These are also known as solar showers. These should not be confused with those panels that produce infrared light that simulate sunlight.


This shower consists of a bag that is filled with water. The container is heated by the sun. The end result is you can take a shower outdoors with ease.

This shower is frequently used by campers. Its biggest advantage is you can take showers even in the remotest areas. You can do it even when backpacking.

These showers are also utilized by those who are constructing a house. Even before the house is finished, you can set these up easily. If you are building, you can wash the dirt off anytime.

Variants and Design

While the sun shower sizes differ, the most popular is the small 5 gallon bag. This is equal to about 19 liters. These are typically made of flexible PVC. It is either dark gray or black. At the top is an opening hatch. This is set over a spigot so the bag can be filled.

A flexible plastic tube is at the bottom. This feature allows you to point the water in the direction required. At the end of the tube is a spigot. This allows the water to be stopped anytime.


The shower is filled with water and is then set on the side of an edifice or a tree. The shower should be given some time to warm up. The shower will heat this up to about 110 degree F / 43 C. This can be achieved in three hours maximum.Many showers can attain this at much lower times.

After the shower heats up, you just stand under it. Using the plastic tube, you can determine where the water flows over your body. The same technique can be used regardless of the sun shower sizes.

Other Information

These bags are very cheap, making them a nice alternative to more complex showers. There are more expensive varieties. The cost goes up depending on the material used. The more costly types are those made for whitewater rafting campers.

Some of these bags have double functions. Some are used for showers but can also be utilized as a dry bag. When dry, the bag can be used for storing different items. These types are more expensive than the standard bags though.

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