How Big is an 8 Person Tent?

8 person tent sizes differ because manufacturers use different designs. Some have dimensions of 14 x 6 x 9 feet (W x H x D). Others models measure 16 x 7 x 11 feet (W x H x D). Many of these “eight” person structures can actually house 10, depending on the campers’ sizes.

The Bigger the Better

The tents designed for eight people may not be enough for eight people. The size provided for by manufacturers can refer to the sleeping space. There may not be enough room for camping equipment.

That is the reason why campers recommend getting big tents. The additional room can be used for your gear. Weight will not be a problem since you will be driving to the place. These tents can be placed inside any vehicle.

So while the 8 person tent sizes will be sufficient for eight people to sleep in, it may not be enough to store gear. To make room for all your accessories, get tents for 9 to 10 people. But if you are camping with up to six or seven people only, the eight -person size will be sufficient.

Separate Spaces

Most tents have dividers that will provide campers with privacy. Both cabin and dome styles have this feature. Even families will like this feature especially if they have teenage kids.

Other Features

Some tents have a place where you can set up a table. This feature will be helpful if it suddenly rains. The bigger ones have an awning. This can provide shade if it gets hot. Screen tents also provide extra room.

Poles and Fabrics

The best poles are those made of carbon fiber. They are flexible, strong and light. They are also expensive. The most common are aluminum poles. Although not as durable as carbon fiber, they are still strong. They are also cheaper. The third type is the fiberglass pole. They are the weakest and should be avoided.

The fabrics need to have a waterproof part, be breathable and durable. The most widely available are those made of polyurethane or nylon. The stitching has to be durable. Before you buy, be certain the seams are taped properly. Tents today also indicate what weather they can be used for; check these before you buy.

The 8 person tent sizes are very popular among campers. They are big enough for friends and are easily in the family size category. Their many features also make them an attractive buy.

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