Pickaxe Dimensions

The pickaxe dimensions are usually measured by the handle length. Many handles are 36 inches long. But there are also pickaxes that are 32 inches, 34 inches and 35 inches long. These are tools that can be used in various ways such as carving and chopping.

How to Sharpen a Pickaxe

Keeping the blade sharp is essential to maintaining its integrity. First you will need to buy a Reaper’s File. Some prefer to use the grind wheel instead but it can be hard to use.

Step 1

Position the pickaxe with the blade pointing up. You can set the other end of the blade on the ground or you can hold it. To sharpen the blade, use the file’s coarser double cut side.

Sharpen the outer edge. Flip the file over. Now use the single cut blade at the blade’s inner edge. You can remove the nics and burrs by holding the file parallel and flat.

Step 2

Use the middle single cut side to file the outer edge of the base. Keep filing until the desired edge is attained. Turn over the pickaxe and repeat the process. Depending on the pickaxe dimensions, this could take a while.

How to Fix a Pickaxe

Required Tools and Materials

  • Synthetic penetrant
  • Old coffee can
  • Boiled linseed oil
  • Rags
  • Vise
  • Wood rasp
  • Power drill and bits

Step 1

Take the pickaxe head off the handle. Sand with the rasp any distortions at the handle ends. Put the handle end in the vise. The handle will now be vertical. The wood’s narrow sides will touch the vise on both sides. Line the vise grips with the rags.

Step 2

Drill ½ inch holes on the head sides. A 1/8 inch bit will be enough. Take the pickaxe handle off the vise. Get rid of any chips or sawdust.

Step 3

Get the coffee can and pour 3 inches of linseed oil in it. Put the pickaxe in it for 8 hours. After eight hours, remove the pickaxe. Wipe it off with more oil.


Don’t leave the pickaxe in hot weather as wood will deteriorate quickly. Make sure to lubricate the tool as often as indicated by the manufacturer. A synthetic penetrant expander may be used in lieu of the linseed oil.

The pickaxe dimensions and variants should be examined thoroughly, but even the best pickaxes won’t last if not taken care of. By using the simple guidelines set above, your pickaxe will last a lot longer.

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